January Bunny Blues

We noticed Smudge had a bit of a sore eye over the weekend. So we took her to the nicest vet we could find (She was actually so lovely,she said smudge was the cutest, well behaved bunny ever!) It was sad news for Smudge as she has an eye infection, but other than that she’s very, very healthy : )

The vet said the recent bad weather  might have upset her immune system and like a human that could bring on infection. She is now housed indoors and having the time of her life as we humans fuss around her. We gave her a treat as we gave her  bunny eye drops this morning. More fun and games tonight!

Now to upload Smudge’s picture on the Vet’s Facebook page! I’m sure it won’t be long until Smudge or Nutmeg make ‘Pet of the Month!’




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